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mekanika reviews Doom (X360)

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mekanika said...

A PIECE OF GAMING HISTORY THAT EVERY FPS FAN SHOULD AT LEAST TRY. DOOM was one of the first games I ever played. It was the one game that my dad actually payed for. I would spend hours in the home office after school blasting away on the computer. At the time I had to use every cheat in the game to win but I was 7, give me a break. Now the room that used to be the office is now my room. 16 years later I am sitting in the same room, in the same spot, playing the same game. The nostalgia factor is ridiculous. Compared to the games of today DOOM is hilariously simple. No Y-axis control, no deciding which weapon to carry into the next room, no taking cover to regain stamina. No story as well, but you can't really blame them for that. At the time there was no room for extra fluff like 'story,' aside from a couple of paragraphs in the book and a text screen at the end of each episode. At the same time, the games of today wouldn't exist without DOOM. The port to the 360 was done very well. The dual analog sticks make circle strafing a reasonable maneuver, as on the PC you couldn't strafe and turn at the same time. The inclusion of a 4th episode initially confused me, since it wasn't included in the original release that I played in my youth. The levels in Thy Flesh Consumed are all much harder than the original levels, and were refreshing for someone like myself who had played through the whole game several times before. The graphics and music can start to get on your nerves pretty quickly, so most people probably won't finish the first episode, but it's a part of gaming history that every FPS fan should at least try.

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    FPS, Fast
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Doom (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 27/SEP/06
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